It's right around the corner! Join the waitlist for this year's big event. Massive savings on industry leading truck wash soaps and vehicle detailing kits.

Specials on items from the
biggest names in the biz

The Rag Company - Microfibers, Mitts, Sponges
IK Sprayers - Pump & Trigger Sprayers
Zephyr Polishes - Metal Polishing Supplies
MTM Hydro - Spray guns and foam cannons
Suttner - Pressure washing / Power washing parts and accessories
Image Wash Products - Truck wash chemicals and detailing supplies
The Rag Company - Edgeless High GSM Microfibers
IK Sprayers - Foaming pump sprayers and trigger sprayers
Zephyr Polishes - Airway Buffing Wheels, Rouge, and more
MTM Hydro - Foam cannons and Spray Guns
Suttner - Premium Pressure Washer accessories
The Best Truck Wash Soap Supplier - Image Wash Products


The 2021 holiday season is quickly approaching. What comes along with the holiday season? You guessed it, Black Friday and Cyber Monday! 

Everyone knows us as the "Truck Soap Guys," but we have a little something special for anyone passionate about their ride. Our team of detailers, chemists, and metal polishers have teamed up to curate some truly special bundles for the holiday season. 

These specials will include products from The Rag Company, IK Sprayers, Zephyr Polishes, MTM Hydro Parts, Suttner, S.M. Arnold, and us, Image Wash Products.

So, who's going to enjoy these deals the most?
Anyone who washes/details their own truck, car, motorcycle, ATV, boat, RV, and everything in between.
Business owners looking to save money on chemical costs.
• Those of you looking for the perfect gift for the vehicle enthusiast in your life.
Those of you who have been scoping our product line, but haven't bought anything yet. Yeah we see you lurking!

Make sure to sign up for early access to our black friday / cyber monday deals by filling out the form above. Limited amounts of these exclusive bundles and coupons will be available, so you'll definitely want to be first in line.

Some bundles will remain available up through the holiday season, but the massive savings will only be available for Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. 

You're not going to want to miss this one. 

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to DM us on social media or email us at We're here to support you and make your holiday shopping experience as painless as possible. Especially if you're not sure what to get for that special someone in your life.

Until next time.
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